Exfoliating with Mazibee's Sugar Scrub before Waxing

As many know it's a good idea to exfoliate before waxing, after and every few days.  It's just a good idea to exfoliate through out life whether you wax, shave, or just grow your hair and leave it in it's natural state. 

The reason we exfoliate before we wax is to remove the dead skin cells, making it easier for the wax to grab hold of the hair.

Just like making my own wax, I make my own scrub.  This is how I use my scrub before waxing.  

I usually exfoliate in the shower after washing.  I turn the shower off, get the scrub and rub it all over making sure I concentrate of the areas where I'm going to wax, or have waxed.  

 I have made a video using the sugar scrub before waxing to show you what I normally do, the day before waxing.  

You can get your own by visiting and ordering through the Shop tab.  


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