Mazibee Cold Sugar Wax for Legs

I have been sugar waxing for a few years now.  I've tried so many different ways, made the wax a bit harder, softer, heated it then used it, just so many ways.  A lot of which were fails but I kept trying and have come up with the best way that works for me which I will share with you. 

I used to go to the shop and get my legs, under arms and bikini waxed.  That stopped when I moved back to Kaikohe.  I started to make my own and do it on my own.  It's saved me so much money, others seeing my body, and minimising plastic waste on using shavers.  

Benefits of using Mazibee's Cold Sugar Wax

  • It's Zero Waste - you wash and re-use the cloth strips over and over as well as the jar.  You can wash and re purpose the jar once finished.  You can even attempt to make your own. 
  • Low waste - I package and send the wax in repurposed boxes with paper tape, using bubble wrap I have received from purchasing ingredients for soaps etc. The only plastic would be the bubble wrap, some tape left on the box previously and I may use stickers or clear tape for the label.  
  • The Savings - You save so much money. One large jar will last months, the small depending on what you use it for may last 2 months or more. 
  • It's all natural - you can find all these ingredients in your kitchen and potentially make your own.
How I use the Cold Sugar Wax 

What works for me is using cloth strips for my legs with the wax I make.  It works out to be a lot faster and I can go over the stragglers with cloth strips and new wax or by just using the wax.

I don't heat the wax before hand because I have made it so you're able to use it straight out of the jar. 

I use the wax all over.  My underarms, legs and bikini. 

In this video I show you how I wax my legs.  

 Mazibee Cold Sugar Wax is available in the shop if you would like to try it yourself.  

The only downsides I can see are the pain, which goes away and the amount of time it can take you.  But seeing as I'd rather be self sufficient and do it all myself without the exchange of currency every month for someone else to rip hair out of my body when I can do it myself, I see it as a win.


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