Meet Mazibee

Kia Ora Koutou,

Ko Marian toku ingoa. No Kaikohekohe ahau.






I wanted to share a little bit about myself for my first blog post so you can get to know me a bit. 

I was born in Auckland and our family moved to Kaikohekohe when I was 5 to live with my grandparents.  We grew up on a farm and my grandad and nanny had huge gardens filled with kai like corn and potatoes.  They had chickens, ducks, pigs cows, sheep and a horse.  Growing up here was the best experience apart from knowing that my friends in the paddock would soon end up on the table. 

From there I moved to Invercargill to study Vet Nursing for 2 years.  Once I finished my Diploma in Veterinary Nursing I moved back to Auckland and worked as a Vet Nurse.  I ended up quitting and couldn't find another Vet Nursing job so went into warehousing and worked as a casual and did many different jobs from pick/packing, inwards, & data entry.  

Once I became a mother I tried to go back to work but ended up quitting and staying home with my baby.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I wanted to stay at home with my baby while he was young.  I knew I didn't want to work a full time job while my son was looked after by someone else to barely make ends meet every week.  

A year or so later I moved back to Kaikohe only to move back to Auckland not long after to study Event Planning.  I thought yes I could see myself doing this working as an Event Manager one day.  Reality kicked in and it meant I would be away from my son for hours, some days I wouldn't get to see him and have to have my sister or other family look after him.  After deciding I would only take on part time work at events so I could be with my son more I moved to Paparoa to live with my parents for awhile then moved back home to Kaikohekohe to help my Nan.  Over time I had stopped taking on work in Auckland because it wasn't worth the trip.  

I have been back in Kaikohe for nearly 3 years now and love it.  When I was younger all I ever wanted to do was leave this place now I never want to leave and when I do I can't wait to get back here.  I have learned so much about myself in the few years I have been back and it has brought me to where I am now spiritually, mentally and physically.  

I am now enjoying my mahi that doesn't take me away from my son and I love that I am helping others with the situations they find themselves in to become the best version of themselves and move closer to their life purpose.  



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