Kia Ora, 

I'm known by the name Marian Stephens.  People also call me Maz or Mazibee.

I was born into this life in Aotearoa and identify as Maori.  My tupuna are from many different countries some including Fiji and Ireland.

I am from the heart of the north and reside here in Kaikohekohe.  I was brought up here from the age of 5 and now seeing my 6 year old son grow up on the same whenua where my great great great grandparents once walked.  I have also lived in Auckland and Invercargill.  

Mazibee's Purpose

My purpose is to create a space where I am able to facilitate your souls growth to help you come more into your life's purpose.

I am able to do this by Spiritual/Psychic and Mediumship readings.

I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear feeling) and a Medium.  This means I am seeing the information, hearing and feeling it.  I will see a flash of something, hear words or phrases and feel pain and emotions.  I am also able to connect with passed loved ones that want to connect with you and share a message.  

My goal is to help you trigger & facilitate healing and activations within your soul so you are able to gain a better perspective on life and the situation you find yourself in so you are able to make the best choices for yourself with the guidance from God, your Angels, Spirit Guides and passed Loved Ones.  

Finding out I was Psychic.

I had found myself lost and not sure what I was doing with my life.  It seemed like everything I had built my life around crumbled or was taken away from me making me realise those certain things weren't for me.

So what does any person wanting to find guidance when they don't know what to do, do? 

I went to see a Clairvoyant. 

She told me I was extremely psychic and would be doing what she was in 2 years.  

I was not in denial about what she had said about me being psychic because I knew I wasn't scared about seeing things when I was little for nothing but more like what am I going to choose to do from here? 

I was at a point in my life where I had two paths to choose from and what beliefs I wanted to keep and throw away.  

This is why you are reading this.  

I made my decision and chose this path to help heal myself, fulfil my life's purpose and help to heal and activate others light within.  

More about Mazibee

Along my journey of coming into my true self and authenticity I have changed a lot of things one which includes what I eat and choose not to.  

Over the course of around a 2 year transition I chose not to consume any animal or animal by products.  It didn't come suddenly like I had to stop eating meat but gradually over 2 years as in I stopped eating red meat and pork then chicken, then followed eggs and dairy. I now only eat food that comes from plants.   It didn't stop there I am now more conscious about the environment with being more aware with what I buy like food, health and beauty products that are vegan, have reusable/compostable packaging like glass jars instead of plastic and moving in a more low-zero waste lifestyle.  

This is where my vegan products come in.  Becoming vegan has made me more aware of what I am consuming not only as digestion but products I use on my skin and hair, the clothes and shoes I buy and any other products which may contain animal product or has caused harm to animals by being tested on animals.  

I started making my own skin and hair care products which I have shared with my family and now opening up to share with more so you are able to use more natural products.  I make my own deodorant, toothpaste, body butter, wax, sugar scrub, soap & shampoo bars of which some will be available in Shop.